About Us

Serving the Belmont community since 1964, Belmont Music continue to provide Quality and Affordable music education for all ages. Why pay more, all your teachers are active professional musicians is the Boston area with at least a Bachelors Degree in music and we offer a clean environment with all the equipment needed for the student to succeed.

Private lessons are the most effective way to learn how to play an instrument, our method combine the best of traditional music education with a more fun and modern approach to music instruction. The students will be expose to a verity of musical styles from Classical to Rock while building strong musical foundations and technic. Also the lessons are molded to the student taste and need so bring your favorite song or artist and lets make music.

 Why Belmont Music School?

 * Quality and Affordable our Moto since 1964

 *Emphasis on building solid technical skills  while maintaining enjoyable atmosphere.

 *Sensitive approach to each student individual learning speed, style and musical goals.

 *Teaching most effective practicing techniques through use of experience and imagination and setting clear goals.

 *Experience staff made of active working musicians with many years of teaching experience and college level Music Education.

 *Use of Modern Technology and tools to help students reach their goals.

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